Cranberry Juice Drink

I'm totally rubbish at updating my blog... I want it to look amazing, but the thought of scanning things in anymore than I have too, is fucking unbearable...
But I will DO IT SOON!!!!!

Now working on coming up with a good concept for my wallpaper and riso printing the rest of my posters for 'Dyslexic Days'....

I went to Liberty's today, in search for wallpaper samples. Which was extremely successful! The lady working up there was also extremely helpful, found lots of research for me. In particular works of Lizzie Allen, Tres Tintas and works from a not so contemporary book called, Nobilis - 'Toiles de Jouy Et Fleurs'. This 'Nobilis' book had some great examples of narrative/storytelling, which is a direction I would like to take myself for my wallpaper.

Trying to tie this is for another 'dyslexic' based project is going to be hard, but problem solving is ma' specialty!

Thought I'd leave you with a drawing, its for my classes end of year tea towel. If you don't understand what i mean by that, just search 'school tea towels' in google.