A teacher through a child's kaleidoscope eye

Is the title of my wallpaper project.

So I've taken it another step further. The colour choice is from an previous observation on 90's colours, i've chosen this era, as it was my troubled years at school.

Going to get some AO prints done tomorrow, I hope it comes out nicely.

This image doesn't really do it justice as its image ready for an AO print.
I've have some decent photos for tomorrow.

Clowing About

So my idea behind the clowns... All during school, i was called a class clown by all my teachers, pretty much. I'm seeing this project as getting my own back! Making them look like the clowns. Trying to capture that true naive/childish approach towards teachers, that I used to have.

This project is based on my dyslexic experiences as a kid. Not in your conventional way... seeing words backwards and all that rubbish. Yes I did have problems reading and writing, but I see that my low level of concentration, due to the dyslexic, caused me more problems. I found being a clown in class more interesting than learning anything, which subsequently lead for me to spend most of my time outside the headmasters office, mainly sat doodling.

I'm really enjoying the way in which these images are coming out...


Recently strapped a kaleidoscope to a camera lens...
This is what happened...


Progress on my wallpaper project.
From inspriation with an experiment with a kaleidoscope.
Will put photos up from that experiment, when i get the chance!


I've always had a fascination with face in things. I love finding them.

Whens it DUE!


My latest contribution on the Financial Director Magazine.This time its for real. This will be there front cover for the JUNE issue!

The start of some wonderful monthly work, hopefully!


A quick test on a repeat pattern, hopefully try and incorprate the previous images some how tomorrow, but for now... some sleep. Early rise.